An agency in constantly development.

Staying away from conventionalities and clinging to constant change that is all that remains. We are a consulting firm experienced in tailor made strategies to our clients’ needs, considering always the latest trends. In RPM we can’t stop learning and growing, searching for new resources to awake our creativity and brainstorming. Our clients trust us because we have never failed.


Our ambition? To bring our commitment to the end, become the best partner and achieve impeccable results.

Great stories start here. This is a place where ideas get in motion, because every company has something to say and a story to tell. More than a tool, we wish to partner with our clients in order to help them to communicate and project their message in any communicative form. Being this an event, a communication strategy or a sponsorship. We love what we do and we are aware that although the business needs have changed, they are still telling stories

Adventure, challenges and a spirit of achievement have always determined the foundations and philosophy of RPM Events. 

A group of friends decided to start planning adventure trips through the Sahara desert some years ago. Something that seems so simple to any of us today, it was more than a challenge in 1976. That linked to the founder’s passion for the motor way, RPM Events was born. 
Throughout all these years we have shaped our own identity levering on an outstanding team of individuals. Thanks to our ambitions we have been able to successfully frame, year after year, the surge of new trends in our capabilities. This has allowed us to stay always ahead of the curve be better positioned to assess our clients’ diligently and professionally 

In RPM Events we change our passion into our attitude We have created our own methodology and formulas to get that we are valued for. In RPM Events we are highly respected not only for our methodology and savoir faire, but we are also well known for the character and passion we stamp in our projects.